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The Plan to Reclaim America

After the election in Nov. of 2012, It has become apparent to me, that there is no longer a real, clear, active, majority of republican voters.


Now to be clear - I believe, as the evidence is showing, that this last Presidential election was infested with rampant and blatant voter fraud facilitated and perpetrated by the Democrat Party. It is also very clear that the American People (the citizens) have no desire to educate themselves about the Constitution and what it means to be an American, nor to actively stand against the liberal assault against our Constitution.

It is also clear that the people of the United States of America are not concerned about submitting to the bounds of the Constitution nor are they interested in requiring the Government to submit to the bounds of the Constitution..

Therefore, I have decided that it is no longer important to back the Republican Party at all costs, going forward. From now on, I will support only those candidates, who stand for the Conservative Values that this Great Nation was Founded upon.

Some of these values that I will require of Candidates that I support are: That They are Born-Again, Bible-Believing, God (of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob) Fearing, Constitutional Originalists. They will also need to be: Pro Gun, Pro 2nd Amendment Freedoms, Pro Sanctity of Life, Pro Family, Pro Prayer in Schools, Govt., and in Public.

They will also need to be: Against Gay Marriage, Against Gay Rights, and Against Homosexuality (LGBT) as a morally acceptable behavior. They will additionally be required to be: Anti-Illegal Immigration, Anti-Amnesty, Anti-Global Warming (Climate Change), Anti-Muslim Influence in America and the World, Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Pro Closed & Secure Boarders, Pro Positive Voter ID and Strict Enforcement of Voting Law, Against Motor Voter Laws, Against Drivers License's for Non US Citizens (Create a Non Citizen Permit) For Private Property Rights, For Low and Flat or Equal Percentage Taxes, Anti-Feminism in all forms, Pro Unrestricted Concealed Carry, Pro Israel, Against Welfare, Against Social Programs, Against Obama Care, etc.

This Nation is heading down the path to certain destruction; God has demonstrated time and again in History through His Word, that He does not allow Nations to be successful while they are rejecting Him.


Because of these things, We are reforming this website to provide leadership and information on bringing America back to being a Conservative, Constitutional, Committed Christian, Christ-Centered, God Fearing, Freedom Loving, Country.


The Conservative Republican

Step One: The most immediate need is to Pray!!

Prayer is the one weapon that we all have as Born-Again Christians. No one can take it away. It is the most powerful, the most effective, the most feared, and the most important weapon against evil. Satan and his minions know this, and that is why they have been so active against prayer to Jesus Name. We are in a spiritual battle for good.

Join the fight against evil, start a regular, daily, time of prayer for the Restoration of America.

Here is a guide for your daily prayer for America, Please Join with me today.

Dear Heavenly Father, We acknowledge and confess that America is lost and wandering under an evil veil of confusion.

We Pray for Jesus Christ to convict us as a people and as a country, of the necessity to put Him first in everything.

We Pray that God will give born-again, bible-believing, committed Christians the desire to act and get involved, and that through action and involvement, we can take back this Country for Jesus.

We Pray that the supporters of evil, by action or by inaction, and the authors of every evil intent, policy, and action  would personally bare the consequences, burden, responsibility and effect of those actions.

We Pray that all of the events in the coming days and years will serve to Glorify and Exalt Jesus Christ as the One and Only True God.

We Pray for evil to be exposed where ever it is.

We Pray that the veil of evil, blindness, and gullibility, will be lifted from the minds and the eyes of those who are not forever lost.

We Pray that truth will reign over evil.

We pray for wisdom to recognize evil and it's influence,

We Pray for the strength to stand against this evil, and the willingness and the resolution to endure the effects of doing so.

We Pray that this evil will be quickly and soundly defeated, and that Jesus Christ will be re-established as the head and ruler of this Great Nation.

We acknowledge the Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of all mankind.

We acknowledge that Jesus Christ is all powerful, all knowing, and all present.

We acknowledge that we are sinners and are lost, due to the penalty of sin, apart from the Redemption and Grace of Jesus Christ.

We acknowledge that Jesus Christ, came to earth as 100% God and 100% man, was born of a Virgin, lived as a human, was tempted in all things, that He lived without sin and was pure and blameless, was despised and hated, was falsely accused and convicted, that He suffered and died on the cross for us, was buried for 3 days and nights, and then God raised Him from the dead to conquer death, and to complete payment for the penalty of our sin.

We acknowledge that salvation is a free gift, and all we have to do to be saved, is to simply confess our own humanness and sinfulness, and to acknowledge, believe, and accept the price that Jesus paid for us, and to ask Jesus to take control of our lives, and to be our Lord and Savior.

We Pray all of this in Jesus' Name through Whom is the only way to salvation. Amen

For the Glory of the Lord!


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